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Canada is among the best countries in the world! Consider the business incentives and investment opportunities, the highly qualified and reliable workforce, the internationally celebrated educational systems, and the quality of life you and your family will enjoy here. Let caneximmigration show you, based on your personal and professional needs, what a land of opportunity this is
  • Ranking as the best country in the world to do business (Forbes magazine, 2011).
  • One of the most stable banking systems in the world.
  • Lowest overall tax rate on new business investment among the G-7.
  • Easy access to the US market under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
  • One of the world’s best education systems, ranked No.1 in the G-7 by the World Economic Forum.
  • A health care system that provides free access for all.
  • No inheritance or wealth tax.
  • Canada has the highest per capita immigration rates in the world. Most Canadians accept newcomers, believe that different groups belong here, and that interaction between those groups is a good thing.
  • Canada offers the highest quality of life in the world (United Nations Human Development Index).
  • A 2008 Haver Analytics report ranks Canada no. 2 among the top industrialized countries in the world, with a financial net worth per household of US$154,100.
  • Canadians have the highest home ownership rates and live in spacious comfort with 77% of Canadian homes having five or more rooms.
  • The World Economic Forum in 2009 confirmed that Canada boasts the world’s strongest financial system.
  • Canada as the second fittest and second most relaxed country in the world.
  • Canada has the most educated people per capita in the world. A full 47% of the population proceeds to post-secondary school compared with 39% in the US, and 30% in UK.
Explore Canada's Cultural Diversity  
Explore Canada's Cultural Diversity
Canada's diversity can be seen from coast to coast! Major cities across the country have neighborhoods that are home to different cultures and nationalities and it's a real treat to explore the sights and flavors from around the world right without leaving Canada. Vancouver's Chinatown has a ton of fascinating stores that have all sorts of trinkets, home decor, edible goodies and special teas. Keep an eye out for cultural celebrations in whatever city you're visiting because ..
See Canada's Greatest Natural Wonder at Niagara Falls  
See Canada's Greatest Natural Wonder at Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is simply magical. For generations, it's been the sight of weddings and honeymoons. Generations of acrobats and stunt people have attempted to conquer the Falls by crossing them on rope or going over them in a barrel. It's a mixture of beauty and power that draws millions of people each year to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, New York lies south of the border) to take in the view from the 167-foot "Horseshoe" Falls.
Take in Toronto From the Top of the CN Tower  
Take in Toronto From the Top of the CN Tower
Toronto is a vast and exciting city. There's plenty to see and do in this "city of neighbourhoods," and trying to cover it all in a day, or even a weekend, is impossible. But a trip up to the top of the city's most famous icon, the 1,800-foot-tall CN Tower, gives visitors the opportunity to discover Toronto from a bird's eye view in all directions. Thrill seekers who want an even more unique view of the city can look down on Toronto from the CN Tower's glass observa..
Immerse in French Canadian Culture  
Immerse in French Canadian Culture
Whether you're walking the streets of Old Quebec City or Vieux-Montréal, the cobbled streets, classic architecture and French signs will make you feel like you're in Europe. Eclectic Montreal delights with French-Canadian cuisine and jazz tunes, while the hundred-year-old Le Fairmont Château Frontenac dominates the skyline of Quebec City -- Canada's oldest walled city, perched along the banks of the St. Lawrence River.
Share in Canada's Love for Hockey  
Share in Canada's Love for Hockey
A huge number of Canadians, in all provinces across the country, live for hockey. Canadians unite around their shared love for the sport when our national team plays in tournaments or the Winter Olympics. And they become rivals when their cities' NHL teams play each other. If you can, get tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens play in front of their intense hometown crowds. If you can't catch a game live, you can learn all about the evolution of hockey a..
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