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Settlement in Canada

Settlement In Canada :

4UImmigration will provide the following services to you, to help you to establish yourself as a Canadian Permanent Resident.

Helps you find a job :

Canada Immigration for a Permanent Resident Visa, you can get yourself a Canadian job. We will contact employers who express interest in hiring. Not only will help in finding this Canadian job but will also help in settling in Canada.

For your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry :

Once you receive your Visa, you will have to enter Canada within a specified period of time. You will be interviewed by a Canadian Visa Officer before you are permitted to enter Canada. We will prepare you for your interview at the Canadian port of entry.

Canadian Residency Obligations :

You must meet certain residency obligations or they may lose their Resident status. Two years of "Residency days" must be accumulated in every five-year period. Canadian Residency days need not be consecutive and may be accumulated inside by physical presence and even outside of Canada By accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse/common-law partner.

Canadian Citizenship :

We do advice on your Canadian citizenship is voluntary and you may be eligible for it after three years of Canadian residency. We provide extensive advice on the Canadian citizenship process. There are many advantages to Canadian citizenship.


Reviews For Settlement in Canada

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Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 22 Jan 2015 need a lawer who will help me in my case on my id
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Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 20 Oct 2019
It's always a pleasure dealing with you. You are great and your service is wonderful.
Review User
Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 19 Oct 2019
Hope to do more business in the future.
Review User
Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 18 Oct 2019
Your service is first class. I have never displeased about their service, in any problem whenever I called them got a good response.
Review User
Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 17 Oct 2019
Now, We solved our problem days faster than anticipated.Thanks.
Review User
Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 16 Oct 2019
I heard more about this service, but after using this my mind has been changed. Thanks for support.
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