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Eligibility Assessment

Canadian Immigration Eligibility Assessment Services :

Using the criteria set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Canadian Visa Eligibility Assessment is one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced on line Canadian Visa Assessment tool available. The Canadian Immigration Eligibility Assessment is free and takes only a few minutes to complete. However, you should not rely on this result alone as a true indication of your ability to apply for a Visa in Canada.

If you would like a more realistic assessment you need to consult a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. To consult one of our Migration Consultants you should complete both the Canadian Visa Eligibility Assessment and Canadian Migration Interview. 

Canex Immigration , as its role of Canada immigration law firm, will first want to know that you qualify for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa or for temporary entry to Canada.

We offer you the following Canada immigration services, free of charge :

  • Personalized assessment of your qualifications :  Simply complete and submit our on line eligibility questionnaire. We will promptly review your particular qualifications and advise you as to your likelihood of Canada immigration success.
  • Email responses to your enquiries : If you require information about our services or the Canada immigration process, submit an enquiry and we will be pleased to answer your questions.
  • Telephone discussion with a member of our law firm : You may speak to us directly about your qualifications or the Canada immigration services we offer. Call us to get the information you need. 

Selecting the correct Canada Visa to apply for can seem a daunting task with a great many options to select from :

Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Permit - This visa is for qualified professionals and trades people with or without a job offer. Visa eligibility is assessed against the points based score depending upon 6 different factors.

Canadian Immigrant investor program -This offers an unconditional visa with an immediate permanent residency for those with funds to invest into Canada. 

Canadian Entrepreneur Business Permits -This visa is issued for the business owners.

Canadian Self Employed - This visa is for the artisans, athletes and farmers.

Canadian Provincial Nomination Program - Immigrants wishing to go to a specific province in Canada could apply for the various provincial nomination programs.

Canadian Experience Class - This visa is for those who have studied or worked in Canada.

Quebec Skilled Worker Canadian Family Class Sponsorship - For those immigrants who has family members in Canada can get this visa.

Canadian Temporary Work Visa -A temporary work permit is written authorization to work in Canada .It is usually valid for a specific job and a specific length of time.

Canadian Study Visa – Canadian study visas are issued after you have been accepted at a Canadian college, university or other accredited educational institution.

Canadian Work visas - The visas are issued for those wishing to work in Canada.

Canadian Immigrant Investor Programme - For those with funds to invest into Canada.

Canadian Business Class Immigration - This visas are issued if you wish to commence a business in Canada.

Quebec Skilled Worker - For those immigrants wishing to obtain a visa to relocate to Quebec.

Family Class Sponsorship - When you are joining relatives already in Canada.

Immigration to Canada starts with a successful Canada Visa application.

Our responses to your inquiries at this stage (before you retain our law firm) are intended for informational purposes only. Such responses do not constitute legal advice, nor do they substitute for legal advice.


Reviews For Eligibility Assessment

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Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 28 May 2020
I worried about the quality of the service, but Support team solve all problems and I have no problems.
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Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 27 May 2020
There is no doubt about your quality of service, very excellent. God bless you.
Review User
Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 26 May 2020
Your service just work smoothly without any disturbance. Thank you for providing such reliable services.
Review User
Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 25 May 2020
It was very informative talking to you earlier today and I am grateful for the information – and saving me money. I have to say that I have found all the people I have dealt with at your company very friendly and helpful, particularly as I am not that q
Review User
Overall Rating : Rating Reviewed On 24 May 2020
I am very happy with the service I have received.
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