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Quebec Immigration

Each year, Quebec welcomes an average of some 45,000 immigrants from over 100 countries who actively participate in its economic, social and cultural development.

Foreign nationals has wish to settle permanently in Quebec must undergo a two-step immigration process. Primarily, they must apply to ,and Second be selected by the Ministry Of Immigration and Cultural Communities (MICC), Quebec’s immigration authority.

For enabling them to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident visa,they will receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ),Once selected.

Common Values:

An immigration project should be planned and documented. The additional you recognize concerning Quebec, the higher you'll be ready to create au fait selections and also the best decisions for you!Quebec may be a French-speaking society, a democratic society supported the rule of law and created made by its diversity. The Quebec state and its establishments area unit profane.

Quebec welcomes immigrants from the four corners of the world with their power, skills, language, culture and faith. Quebec provides services to assist them integrate and participate absolutely and utterly in Quebec society.

To integrate into Quebec society is to be ready to understand and respect its common values. to teach newcomers during this method, the Ministry, operating aboard varied organizations, offers the knowledge session. Offered in French, it presents the common values of Quebec and the way they form the daily lives of Quebecers.

Quality of life:

More than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), securities listing or life expectancy, quality of life is an indicator sought by everyone who plans to immigrate.Through its history, values and traditions, as well as its modernity and avant-gardism, Quebec society is renowned for offering a unique quality of life on the North American continent.

Life at a North American pace with an enviable living standard,without sacrificing security and evening walks in the neighbourhood: this is the meaning and value of quality of life in Quebec.

The provincial Minister of Immigration, stated that the government’s objective is to maintain a modern and efficient system to attract newcomers who contribute to Quebec’s economic,social and cultural life. Quebec holds jurisdiction over immigration policy. The agreement gives Quebec responsibility for selecting immigrants and refugees under criteria set by the provincial government. Selected applicants are issued a Quebec selection certificate,though Citizenship and Immigration Canada issues the actual visa after background and health verifications.



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