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Working Holiday Visa

When you are between the ages of 18 and 35, your next life’s adventure could take you just about anywhere! Why not travel and work abroad through International Experience Canada (IEC).

Travel and work abroad experiences are a great way to see a new country; Immerse yourself in another culture; Learn or perfect another language Meet new people. The work portion of your trip lets you earn money abroad so that you can fund your travels during your extended stay. 
The Canadian Working Holiday Visa programme is managed by a section of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) called International Experience Canada (IEC). Every  year they agree a quota of visas with each country that holds a working holiday agreement with Canada. The visa itself allows you to live, work and travel in Canada for 12 months.

While you might not make enough for savings, it’s a great way to afford side trips, other excursions and accommodations while you’re away. International Experience Canada secures bilateral reciprocal youth mobility arrangements and agreements with different countries around the world to make it easier for you to obtain a temporary work permit for up to one year As your Canadian immigration legal representative.

If you are applying for your Working Holiday Visa:

You have two options :

1.Apply with IEC Guidelines :

If you go with this option, make sure that you read all of the instructions, informations and FAQs thoroughly on the IEC website relevant to your country. If you follow  step by step all instructions, you will not suffer any  problem.

You can then find your own travel and fight insurance. IEC publish a great guidelines  for all the participants coming to Canada on their website.

2. Apply with an agent :

If you are too busy packing up your snowboard and saying goodbye to friends and family at home and feel you don't have the time to sort out your visa , there are a number of companies in Canada who can do this for you.  These all companies offer additional support with your visa application and services, such as accommodation advice and job , orientation sessions on arrival and some even include your first nights accommodation in a hostel which is a great way to meet other people on  working holiday visa.

Definitely, there is a higher cost involved with this option but it does take care of certain issues that you may not have time to consider. The top Canadian agents are:

  • Go International – Tamwood

  • Global Lifesyles Canada

  • Internex

  • The Global Work & Travel Co.

  • The Working Holiday Club

  • SWAP


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